Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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Breaking CAPE NO. 7's Taiwan opening week box office record, new film AU REVIOR TAIPEI lead actress Amber Kuo (Kwok Choi Kit) yesterday came to Hong Kong to promote her new film and latest record.

About her AU REVOIR TAIPEI debut performance, Kwok Choi Kit stated that her first time acting was a lot of fun. She had no stage fright in front of the camera. When she made her second film, of course she grew. Kwok Choi Kit said, "I hope for a breakthrough next time so I can try to play some professionals." Kwok Choi Kit pointed out that her singing was average but she would not give up on singing. She said, "I am an actress and a singer. I hope my songs would attract fans to see my movie. On the other hand people who like my movies can also appreciate my music. Thus I won't give up creating music."

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