Monday, August 9, 2010


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For the film LOVE YOU 10,000 YEARS, Vic Chou Yu Man has been promoting nonstop from Taipei, Kaohsiung to Taichung. The original soundtrack sold over 2,000 copies on a single day, the sales figure of the general Taiwan singer record for a month.

Jai Jai's new film LOVE YOU 10,000 YEARS two nights ago held 3 premiere events in Taipei, one of which fans booked the entire venue. The proceeds went to charity. The biggest reaction from fans of course was from seeing Jai Jai and the lead actress' intimate scene.

Jai Jai in 2 hours went to three premiere events and shook hands without stop with fans. Over 1,000 fans from Japan, Korea and other nations bought the film's original soundtrack, raising its one day sales figure to over 2,000 copies -- the one month sales performance of Taiwan singer records. They even made the novel and the film pictorial collection big hits.

Yesterday Jai Jai first went to Kaohsiung then to Taichung to attend promotional and premiere events. Fans followed from Taipei, to Kuohsiung to Taichung and back. This summer, Taiwan had many local film releases. Jai Jai battled the Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) starred LOVE IN DISGUISE (LUEN OI TUNG GO). Jai Jai felt that improvement only came from competition and urged his fans to watch Wang Leehom's new film as well in support of each other's box office!

Earlier Jai Jai's schedule reportedly could not coordinate with the promotion. Jai Jai admitted, "Because earlier I had to work in the Mainland, I am sorry that I could not participate in some promotions. Later, the Mainland production was postponed and I immediately asked my
management company to tell the film that I could try to promote more." As for the box office, Jai Jai would not have any pressure. As long as he was able to make a film that he liked he was happy. He said that he has always been a very demanding actor with many principles for taking a film. If he did not like it he would not accept it. Even with the high salary he would not consider it.

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