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THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) made Nick Cheung Ka Fai a six time Best Actor, but he had absolutely no pressure when he returned with THE STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN) as he hoped to face the audience with all new him. The mutual admiration with director Dante Lam Chiu Yin has elevated their friendship to the level of "life sacrifice"!

With the momentum of THE BEAST STALKER when everyone has high expectation for STOOL, Cheung Ka Fai with his director and good friend Lam Chiu Yin's words "All the faces changed" went to explore an all new character.

From a robber to a cop who was stuck between benefit and honor, the internal struggles have been particularly severe. Yet Ka Fai still was not worried about his depression returning and was 100% confident in Lam.

Claiming to have less than ten friends in the industry, Ka Fai stated that even if today Lam told him to jump from the 20th floor he would not be suspicious. "Lam and I may not be able to read each other's minds yet, but we are full of chemistry. If he can ask me to jump, I believe that all the safety precautions have been taken long ago, all the cameras are set in position, and the result would have quite an impact!"

Completely losing control in his acting competition with Liu Kai Chi, this six time Best Actor's acting seemed to have taken another step toward maturity. Yet when asked whether he was confident that STOOL would bring him to new heights, Ka Fai said, "Since we blatantly stated that 'all the faces changed', we already dropped THE BEAST STALKER baggage. we let everything take their natural course, but our cast and crew put their heart and effort into a very practical job. This is beyond any doubt! I instead hope Lam can win Best Director. Everyone can see the skill of his action drama." Actually Lam earlier has expressed to Ka Fai the intention of "hanging up" the police film to switch to "women film". This decision of course faced strong opposition from his good friend. Ka Fai said that it was as painful as cutting himself, the brotherhood indeed is beyond any doubt.

Working with Lam, Ka Fai liked to challenge the difficult as he often asked Lam to demonstrate his role. "He is the most certain about how it should be, since he was paying attention to me anyway. Once he was so emotional in his performance that I was touched just from looking at him." On the other hand Lam also enjoyed watching Ka Fai, Uncle Chi and others' acting rivalry first hand. "When the audience watches it at the movies, it has already gone through processing like editing and music. I watched on the set the live performance of two great actors, I was so engulfed that I forgot to yell cut."

All the settlement area, abandoned schools, dry goods market and other locations that appeared in STOOL were very nostalgic to Ka Fai and Lam, who were born in the same year. They hoped to salute these almost extinct venues through shadow and light. Location scouting made Lam feel like he has worn out his shoes. "For example when we wanted to shoot at the dry goods market in broad daylight, since we were hindering their businesses I had to greet each and other one of them!" As his effort waited for box office return, fortunately the screening audience response was decent and seemed to have given them both a shot of confidence.

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