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THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY yesterday held a small scale production start ceremony at the China (Huairou) Movie and TV Industry Zone. Director Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin teamed up again after THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC as this film's directors. Director Han Sanping
said that this film's line up will be much stronger than THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC with even more stars.

As rumored earlier, Liu Ye in the film will play the young Mao Zedong. The new DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER's Xue Baochai, Li Qin, will play the young Yang Kaihui. Liu Ye expressed that their scenes will be very simple and they will not have any kiss scene. In addition, John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) who has signed on earlier in the new film will play Lin Sen. Originally named Li Tianbo, he once was the President of the Kuomingtang and presided over the Republic of China national government. Ng Yu Sum participated in THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC but when the film was edited for time his role was cut. This time Han Sanping joked, "This time whoever cuts Ng Yu Sum's role has to answer to me." Han Sanping revealed, THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY will continue to use an all star cast, which will be just as strong as THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC. The first confirmed actor was big director Ng Yu Sum.

THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY will discuss the historical story and the political figures from the 1911 Xinhai Revolution to the 1921 Chinese Communist Party establishment. In commemoration of the party's 90th anniversary it will be released in 2011. As for other actors, director Huang Jianxin said that the cast is still under final confirmation. Once confirmed it will be announced immediately. When asked about a Hong Kong report that Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau Tak Wa and Zhou Xun will take part, director Huang Jianxin was willing to comment and only said that everything is waiting for confirmation.

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