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In the new film FAIRY TALE KILLER (SOK MING TUNG WA), Kelly Fu Ka Lei played Lau Ching Wan's co-worker. Her former boss Daneil Lam Siu Ming arranged for her performance in the film. The 25 year old Kelly has been modeling for five years. Since then she has made many ads and films like INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2 (MO GAN DOH 2). This time in FAIRY TALE KILLER she had many chances to work with Lau Ching Wan. Kelly said, "Ching Wan is a great elder. While working with him, he would give me a lot of advice. He would not only give confidence but also remind me with his eyes. He knows I am new so Ching Wan would provide hints on many details. During free time we would even chat."

Afraid of the dark and ghosts, Kelly stated that while staying in Thailand for FAIRY TALE KILLER for a month, every night at the hotel she had to sleep with the lights on. She stated that she and her colleagues often heard strange noises from nowhere in the hotel rooms. Every night
she had to pray like her colleagues before she was able to sleep peacefully. In the end the month passed without any issue.

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