Monday, August 9, 2010


Wong Cho Nam, Linda Chung Ka Yun
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Wong Cho Nam and Linda Chung Ka Yun last night attended a film production sharing session at the Sheung Wan Civic Center. Cho Nam lately had two film releases in a row. LA COMEDIE HUMAINE (YUN GAN HEI KET) after a month already made over 7 million at the box office. It not only defeated the star studded TRIPLE TAP (CHEUNG WONG JI WONG) but also beat foreign film releases of the same period, which could not have made him any happier. He laughed and said, "I am very happy, we didn't lose to the West."

Cho Nam expressed that in order to avoid wasting the chemistry this time, they have been talking about making another film. However it would probably be next year and add Joey Yung Cho Yi to the cast. During THE JADE AND THE PEARL (FEI CHUI MING JU) production, he discovered that Joey's comedic acting was right on the spot and she had great potential in
comedy. Cho Nam said, "Since she wanted to kiss my 'twin sausages' (lips) I will give her chance to get up close and personal!" However Cho Nam's recent film THE JADE AND THE PEARL bombed at the box office, which he guessed was due to too many summer film releases. He personally was satisfied with the performance. Later he will promote it alone in the Mainland while other actors will head to Southeast Asia. Together they will pump up the box office again.

Yesterday when Cho Nam posed with Ka Yun, Ka Yun put her arm around Cho Nam's shoulder and made the height distance even more obvious. Ka Yun was asked why she did not accommodate Cho Nam a little. She stated that the heels of her shoes were only three inches as she no longer dared to wear high heels. Would she mind a boyfriend who was shorter than her?
she said, "Taller than me would be the best, the same height could work too. He also has to be Chinese, mixed heritage might work too. However I can't accept foreigners because my personality is more stable and conservative. Thus when foreigners courted me during elementary school I turned them down. (What about Asians?) Even better, I feel Korean guys
with single eyelids look like they need sympathy, which is attractive to me."

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