Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Just breaking the 500 million RMB box office record in the Mainland, AFTER SHOCK director Feng Xiaogang brought his wife and the film's lead actress Xu Fan to promote the film in Taiwan with the film's executive producer Wang Zhongjun. The film premiere was held two nights ago, guests included local heavyweight filmmakers like director Lee Hsing, Wang T'ung, Kevin Chu Yen-Ping, Doze Niu Chen-Zer and Hsu Li-Kong.

This was the couple's first trip to Taiwan together. Xu Fan played the key role of the mother in the film. The role crossed 32 years. About his wife's acting, Feng Xiaogang generously praised, "She provides the film with even more soul." Someone pointed out on the internet the time and location mismatches in AFTER. Feng Xiaogang graciously replied, "Some places may have mismatches, but we might as well leave a little room for people, for them to have a little fun."

Although he has already become the director with the most box office strength in the Mainland, Feng Xiaogang has always placed a lot of importance on the Taiwan market. For AFTER's Taiwan release, Feng Xiaogang originally was working on his next film in Hainan but still stop
production for three days no matter what to attend the Taiwan promotion with his wife Xu Fan.

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