Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Chung Shu Kai, Gong Xinliang, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai)
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The costume romantic comedy ADVENTURES OF THE KING (LUNG FUNG DIM) will be released on August 19. Director Chung Shu Kai along with Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Gong Xinliang and others promoted in Shenzhen. The film was Hong Kong film professional Jimmy Heung Wa Sing's second investment after FLIRTING SCHOLAR 2 (TONG BAK FU DIM CHAU HEUNG 2). Before its release, it has already been selected as the "most likely to be rotten movie". Lead actor Yam Yin Chai expressed his displeasure. "The movie hasn't been released yet, the internet criticism is very irresponsible and very unfair. I am confident that it can answer to the ticket buying viewers." Yam Yin Chai even boasted that ADVENTURES OF THE KING was a classic film that could stand the test of time, like SUMMER HOLIDAY (HA YUT MOR MOR CHA) and FLY ME TO POLARIS (SING YUEN) it could become one of his representative work. As for his future plans, Yam Yin Chai said, "My idol is Chow Yun Fat. I hope I will be able to reach his height and try a variety of different characters." Yam Yin Chai talked about where the film was touching for him. "This is not just a simple comedy, without any pure prank elements in it. Mr. Pan Changjiang and Law Kar Ying are a pair of North and South comedy team. Each has his own way to express northern and southern comedy, which is also a bright spot for this film."

Yam Yin Chai also compared MR. BEAN to ADVENTURE OF THE KING and felt that this film like some foreign comedy used its own way and language to tell everyone something funny, which was already very well done. This film's target was to make the target market people happy, not praise from everyone. Yam Yin Chai looked like he just woke up and revealed that he has been visiting different cities and trained in motor sport. He even showed the blisters on his hands to everyone. Yam Yin Chai was training for a trip on the Silk Road. The entire trip would be recorded and turned into a documentary.

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