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Earlier in the Philippines hostage case, eight people from Hong Kong tragically killed. While all of Hong Kong was sadden, the people are also upset at the Filipino police's rescue method. As an
international superstar and the Hong Kong travel ambassador Jackie Chan at this time stated, "Hong Kong people would not have hatred and are willing to extend a friendly hand to the Philippines." Immediately he has attracted blame from everywhere, citing that Jackie Chan cannot represent all of Hong Kong.

In order to settle the public outcry, Jackie Chan yesterday issued a statement to the media. He first offered his deepest condolences to the Hong Kong family of the victims. He explained that perhaps his statement was not clear enough that his U.S. assistant made it incomplete after translation and unable to express its original intent. He was willing to make his sincerest apology for the misunderstanding and displeasure that this incident has caused. He felt that this was a heartbreaking tragedy and sympathized with families that lost the ones who were the closest to them. He also wished a speedy recovery for those injured and said that he would not hate the Filipinos due to this tragedy, but felt that an investigation would be necessary into whether the tragedy was due to improper command from the Filipino police.

Jackie Chan's detailed statement was as below, "First, I have to offer my deepest condolences to the Hong Kong families of those killed in the Philippines. Perhaps I was not clear with what I said. After my U.S. assistant translated the content on Twitter the original intent was incomplete. I feel that when Hong Kong people visited the Philippines and were held hostage and killed, it was a heartbreaking tragedy. I am Chinese, 100% from Hong Kong, I feel sadden and hurt with the Hong Kong people who died in this tragedy and deeply sympathize with families that have lost those closest to them. I wish those injured will recover soon.

I only said, I will not hate the Filipinos due to this tragedy. Over 100,000 Filipinos work in Hong Kong, and many Hong Kong people work in the Philippines. If we hate each other, it will be very damaging to both Hong Kong and the Philippines.

As for whether the Filipino police's improper command caused this tragedy, this of course must be accounted for. We should leave this to experts in this area. If my incomplete thought earlier on the site caused everyone's misunderstanding and displeasure, I hereby express my sincerest
apology to everyone."

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