Sunday, August 22, 2010


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The Media Evangelism Limited's new gospel film THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN (JUI NGAI YIM YUN MUK) is Leung Tak Sum directed, Karel Wong Chi Yeung, David Lo Dai Wai, Siu Kam Chi (Mrs. Roy Chiao (Kiu Wang)), Joyce Chan Yin Hung, Anson Leung Chun Yat, Man Si Man and otter starred. It is based on the legendary life of a criminal king and his power to change. The film hopefully would bring the message of living anew despite mistakes to encourage young people to cherish life and not to give up so easily. As long as they learn from their mistakes and change, a hopeless life can still be changed.

The film started production two nights ago. Christian Chan Yin Hung stated that this was her first gospel film production. Although now she has been working in Hong Kong and the Mainland, she still took time to participate and hoped to spread the gospel in her show business career. Playing the pastor, Lo Dai Wai soon after finding his faith participated actively in the work of the gospel. At the production start ceremony he sentimentally said, "Life is valuable. I want to do as much as I can for the gospel. This is also a way to enjoy life."

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