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Benny Chan Muk Sing, Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Shu Qi and director Benny Chan Muk Sing earlier appeared on a TVB entertainment news station program interview to promote the film CITY UNDER SIEGE (CHUEN SING GAI BEI). They discussed career and marriage as well. Sing Sing stated that after over 20 years in the business, only after making DIVERGENCE (SAM CHA HUA) did he find his career and life direction. In recent years he was in the best condition both mentally and physically. He hoped to be able to grasp the time and fully develop his career, because once married he had to give half his time to the other half.

Chan Muk Sing also felt that Sing Sing used to be somewhat distracted in past shoots, but now he is a professional actor who often accepts highly difficult challenges. In CITY UNDER SIEGE Sing Sing personally performed many dangerous stunts. In the film he had a fat costume that required four hours in make up. After putting on the suit he could only work for ten hours at most, but Sing Sing worked past the limit and ended up his skin reaction. After removing the make up he had to be hospitalized. The doctor had to give him artificial skin from elsewhere to separate his body and the fat suit in order for him to be able to continue on.

Shu Qi although did not have any fight scene this time had to be hung on the wire four stories above the ground, during the process she screamed nonstop. Even back on the ground she could not calm down and had to cry for release. As for parenthood, Shu Qi stated that she was afraid
of children so no one should expect her to be a mother soon.

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