Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Taiwan actor Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Ming Dow and little music heavenly queen Amber Kuo (Kwok Choi Kit) starred CLOSE TO YOU officially opened today. Ming Dow in the film played a boxer with amnesia. In the film loyal fans Fan Xinyu in pursuit of Ming Dow tried many romantic tricks. In CLOSE TO YOU, the Fan Xinyu played Chi Sansan left Ming Dow a deep impression. The first thing she said was introducing herself with her name. Because her last name was Chi first name San San, she was "long overdue". She opened Ming Dow's eyes. Fan Xinyu also personally made a box office chocolate bunny cookie and even played cute as she said, "Eat me eat me eat me."

Fan Xinyu's character in the film had quite an understanding of Ming Dow as his loyal fan. When they went to a coffee shop, as soon as they arrived she would be able to guess what spot Ming Dow would pick. Ming Dow's heart was warmed. Finally she even used her tears. Ming Dow
played a boxer who has been in a car accident. Due to serious concussions he would constantly faint. Every time he woke up, the person he saw would always be Fan Xinyu who would always been in tears.

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