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The cradle of many Mainland film and television stars, the Beijing Film Academy yesterday welcomed its 60th anniversary. Premier Wen Jiabao gave a congratulatory speech. Yu Yang, Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wenli, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Tielin, Hai Qing, Huang Bo and other Beijing Film Academy alumni personally appeared to celebrate their alma mater's birthday. The star power far surpassed any film award ceremony. At the anniversary, the "star class of 96" that cultivated many famous actors had a lot of attention. Currently Vicki Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming have become leading young actors. That day Huang Xiaoming returned to the school and many current students followed him. When visiting the school with the teachers, Huang Xiaoming attentively gave a hand to the older teachers and listened.

Huang Xiaoming, Guo Xiaodong, Kong Wei, Yan Danchen, Zhang Heng, and other classmates met with class supervisor Cui Xinqin. The happiest was the teacher who everyone called "Mama Cui". Class supervisor Cui Xinqin was very pleasant to see the students who were present. "I really didn't think so many would be able to come, especially Xiaoming. Last night he just flew from Shanghai, just to meet and chat with everyone for awhile before leaving again; seeing their success now, their green faces when they first arrived are still fresh in my memory. I am very proud of these children's achievements today."

After four or five years away from the school, Huang Xiaoming felt just as warm seeing this group of beloved classmates and teachers as returning home. "Although I often see many classmates in public events, to be together all at once like this, the last time was already three years ago." Xiaoming said that seeing each class' work he felt very sorry that their class did not have such a film. If he would have the chance in the future he would like to gather everyone to make a film. Zhao Wei last week revealed after winning the Hundred Flower Best Actress that she hoped to work with classmate Huang Xiaoming in her next film. It will be their first big screen collaboration.

Speaking of working with fellow alumnus, director Chen Kaige, Huang Xiaoming thanked the director for giving him this chance. "In the past I always have been very forceful with my acting, but this time SACRIFICE (ORPHAN OF ZHAO) has taught me to let go in the performance. Director Chen has been very helpful to me. Working with Ge You and Wang Xueqi I can only described as 'fun'."

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