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Juno Mak Chun Lung, Sora Aoi
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Juno Mak Chun Lung and Japanese adult video actress Sora Aoi starred in the film REVENGE: A LOVE STORY (FOK SAU JEH JI SEI), which has been given a category III rating due to its blood and violence. Juno's earlier films TRIVIAL MATTER (POR SI YI) and DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO) were both category III films, was he worried about being typecast as a category III star? Juno said, "I am neither resistant nor deliberate about making category III films, as long as I am interested I am fine. However I will stop making category III films for now and drop the category III actor title. In December I will work on a commercial action film, later I will start kung fu training."

Sora Aoi in the film had a rape scene. Although she had to perform in the nude, the story required it so she did not resist. However this scene was very tough to shoot because Sora Aoi had to grind her teeth and remember her rapist's looks. She had a lot of expression and
emotional scenes. She also praised Juno personally was an attentive person. When he learned that she liked eggettes he often bought them for her. They have become good friends due to the production. Would Sora Aoi consider a long distance relationship? She said, "I haven't thought about it yet because I am afraid of cultural differences. If we can understand each other then it's no problem. The love that I want to find in reality is someone who I have mutual respect for and makes me feel secure. Girls like to have someone take care of them, but when something is wrong they have to speak up too."

In the 19 day shoot, the most memorable for Juno was not when he was beaten while Sora Aoi was raped in the next door. He said, "During the shoot I really want to take her away! I concentrate on making the movie and after the shoot I was able to leave it behind. In comparison to the DREAM HOME story, REVENGE is heavier. Yet its selling point isn't blood, I feel this film has a romantic love."

As for his film dream, Juno said that he was working hard on learning different film positions. Starting from actor, producer and music, he would like to have a chance to direct in the future. He said, "If I direct, I won't act on camera. Actually film wise, Pang Ho Cheung has been my benefactor. Now while making films I would learn different film positions while acting. I very much like to be able to make a fresh movie that others haven't seen. I also want to work with Sora Aoi again, I feel she is an actress with a lot of potential. She has already transitioned, she has a lot of possibilities. She should be interesting in a family film as a mother."

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