Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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Dou Xiao, Zhou Dongyu
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The leads of the Zhang Yimou directed UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE Zhou Dongyu and Dou Xiao promoted in Hong Kong for a few days. Yesterday the duo attended film forum at the Baptist University and met with students. Liu Kai Chi who recently began teaching there was the host. Although Zhou Dongyu and Dou Xiao were both film industry new comers, yesterday they still attracted over 100 students. Due to the sold out event, a dozen or so students waited outside and grew frustrated at one point.

Four students at the event divided into two teams to play scenes from the film. Zhou Dongyu and Dou Xiao both praised the students' outstanding performance. Zhou Dongyu was teary eyed from the student performance. The duo's Hong Kong itinerary has been very tightly scheduled, luckily they were able to take time to go out and shop. Dongyu regretted the most that she could not go to Disneyland and hoped to be able to the next time. However, she was happy about trying wonton noodles, fish balls and sausages. After promoting in Hong Kong, the duo later will attend a film festival in Hawaii. This will be their first trip there. Will they bring swimwear along? Dou Xiao said that he still has not thought about what to bring.

Dou Xiao and Zhou Dongyu often promoted together, have they felt any electricity between them? Dou Xiao honestly said no, but during the shoot they were very focused and were good friends. They thanked director Zhang Yimou's for his guidance during the shoot. Dongyu honestly said that at first she was stressed and was afraid that her performance would impact the team. Luckily everyone was very patient.

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