Sunday, October 17, 2010


Vicki Zhao Wei

Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guoli
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Vicki Zhao Wei two nights ago as the favorite took home the 30th Annual General Public Film Hundred Flower Award for Best Actress. She happily stated that she has rid herself of the "box office poison" title. Best Director winner Feng Xiaogang immediately apologized for
referring to Zhang Guoli for "losing humanity and award".

Triple crown Best Actress with Beijing University Student Film Festival, Changchun Film Festival and General Public Film Hundred Flower Award, Zhao Wei after winning an award confidently said, "Finally I am able to rid the box office poison title. In the past I kept working, from now on I will select movies with good box office to perform. (Is the award a milestone?) Indeed it is very important. When I was a little I watched elders won the award, I never imagined that I would be able to win one too. However since childhood I predicted that I would play the role of Hua Mulan."

Will she share the award with her son like Chen Kun did? Zhao Wei said, "My daughter is too little, she can't interact with me. My family has congratulated me. I thank them for their love, caring and support. Inside I am quite feminine, I don't want to be whatever top diva. (Would you like to have another child?) For now I don't plan to."

Feng Xiaogang at the award ceremony joked that Zhang Guoli "congratulating Chen Kun) after losing Best Actor was very fake, "losing humanity and the award".
Two nights ago at the Huayi Brothers celebration, Feng Xiaogang immediately explained to Zhang Guoli in front of the press. "I just received many calls from friends asking me to explain to Zhang Guoli. Actually Guoli and I are good friends. That was a joke, as I am too petty
to be as gentlemanly as him." Zhang Guoli joked, "You misunderstood my sincerity of congratulating Chen Kun, I really wanted to take a swing at you!" Zhang Ziyi who Feng Xiaogang embraced honestly said that she came to support Feng Xiaogang specifically.

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