Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam)
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CHILD'S EYE (TUNG NGAN) 3D will open soon. In it Lam Ka Tung played a murder suspect whose wife Jo Koo Cho Lam's ghost haunted a hotel. Lam Ka Tung said about his character, "I grew out my hair and facial hair to play an unfriendly looking character. I didn't base that on any movie. I only release the grievances in life at all once, everyone would be very scared when they watch."

Lam Ka Tung felt that the scariest scene in CHILD'S EYE was when Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) discovered him chopping meat in a kitchen. "At the time Cult Leader (Yeung Sing Lam) felt very scared the first time she saw it. Because she was investigating what kind of person I was and suspected that I kidnapped her friends, that scene's visual effect was very strong. Because she kept trying to save her friends and boyfriend while I had to stop her from uncovering the truth, when they got together it was a clash of the titans. I was even suspected of being a deranged murderer."

Yeung Sing Lam said, "I was the most afraid of the bloody props, when I heard Lam Ka Tung chopping meat with one chop after another I already had chills. The blood and flesh even splashed all over the place."

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