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Chrissie Chau Sau Na successfully broke out among the young
models and now has even made the jump to the silver screen. In this year
alone she has already made four films. Chrissie dares not take all the
credit for her success because she alone cannot do too much. When she is
somewhat unhappy and lost, she relies completely on those around her for
advice and assistance. Thus her performance today is due to company
co-worker cooperation and coordination with many aspects. Although she
has successfully broken out, she has tolerated every one of the criticism
against her. While others feel that her emotional quotient is
exceptional, she claims that she is too slow. Thus she does not feel any
attack against her is a big deal. She would not be unhappy either, which
is exactly the personality she likes.

People's impression of "young models" has always been a lack of goals, as they only know how to make suggestive poses to stand out and make a quick buck. Chrissie honestly says that she has always had clear goals. She likes to act so she hopes to become an actress. Of course when she was a model she thought about giving up due to the low income, but she did not want waste her effort either. Thus she toughed it out to today's performance. She happily says, "Finally I have become an actress, I still remember when I was the female lead for the first time. When my
parents received the premiere tickets they were very happy and asked many friends to support the film." She feels that now she is in another stage so she has to adjust her emotions. She also wants to learn to acting but she does not have time. Will she stop being sexy and change her image in order to act? She says, "I feel that's unnecessary. When an actor gets the script, the role is already different from himself. I won't resist sexy performance either, as long as it is necessary in the story." In order to absorb acting, now she watches anything. Like Spongebob Square Pants she is absorbing.

Chrissie in the past has made small budget productions. The larger cast and production has to be Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Raymond Lam Fung's PERFECT WEDDING (PO PO YAU CHING YUN). Thus with the film's upcoming release she has given her all to help with the promotion. Although her role is not large, her character is rather important as she gets between Chin Wa and Lam Fung and deepens their misunderstanding. She also has a sofa kiss scene with Lam Fung, which reminds Lam Fung that his true love is Chin Wa. Actually this passionate kiss scene was added after the wrap. She feels that it was necessary to add this scene so she did not resist appearing in lace underwear. Chrissie honestly said that she was very nervous about displaying her figure in front of a handsome guy like Lam Fung, not because of the sexy costume but whether she was able to achieve what the director asked for. She says, "Originally director (Barbara) Wong Chun Chun wanted to ask me and Lam Fung to meet before the shoot and familiarize ourselves, but because he was too busy it was cancelled. On the night of the shoot, the director bought a lot of wine and we drank a lot. The set was clear and the director was female, so the shoot was not awkward at all. (Did you fall under Lam Fung's spell?) I really have feelings for him! During the performance I really liked him and he was quite a gentleman. Before the shoot he would clearly tell you what he would do, so during the shoot I wasn't too worried."

In another scene Chrissie's boyfriend dumped her. She was crying so hard that no one could tell whether she was acting or crying for real. She credited good communication with the director and having time to prepare. In addition she recalled her own heart breaking experience so as soon as the cameras rolled she already broke down. She also admired Wong Chun Chun a lot because she clearly knew what she wanted and was able to control everything on the set. For now she feels she lacks the ability to direct, as she only hopes to be able to her place and space in acting.

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