Thursday, October 14, 2010


Jimmy Wan Chi Man, Kay Tse On Kay, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung
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The Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Jimmy Wan Chi Man written and directed LOVER's DISCOURSE (LUEN YUN SHUI YU) two nights ago held its global premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival. The audience response was overwhelming. After the screening the standing ovation was seven minutes long. Kay Tse On Kay, Tsang Kwok Cheung and Wan Chi Man who were present could not be more touched.

The film was in competition for the New Wave award. Two nights ago the screening was sold out. After the screening, Tse On Kay along with Tsang Kwok Cheung and Wan Chi Man shared their production experience on stage. When the audience realized that Tsang Kwok Cheung was Eric Tsang Chi Wai's son, they were surprised and found the fact hard to believe. Some viewers even curiously asked about the father and son height distance. Tsang Kwok Cheung displayed his humorous side, "Because when I was little I kept playing basketball, now I have something to show for it!" His sister Tsang Bo Yi even went to Pusan to support her brother and play photographer as she ran around with a camera. Tse On Kay said, "I was truly excited about attending the Pusan Film Festival for the first time, having close contact with the viewers for the first time and share my film experience with them live. I didn't expect them to be so passionate."

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