Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Kelly Chen Wai Lam yesterday attended a West Kowloon culture, entertainment and art district DHL hydrogen balloon event. Kelly revealed that when she made AN EMPRESS AND THE WARRIORS (GONG SAN MEI YUN) rode a hydrogen balloon in the Mainland. She said, "At the time we started by the cliff, the place was higher than the hill!" As for whether she would make movies, Kelly said that she was in negotiation. When asked how many days would be acceptable to her, she said, "Three days would be the best, but if it was shot in Hong Kong then it's the best, I can work the entire year!" Did she get stunt doubles in the past? Kelly said, "That depends on the director! Directors now should know what to do and provide doubles. Last time when I injured my arm from falling off a horse I still have the mark! It's already been three years!" Kelly said that directors rarely asked her to make explosion scenes thus she has not worked with big explosions.

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