Friday, October 15, 2010


Zhou Xun
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Director Pang Ho Cheung invades the Mainland. First he produced DEVIL NAIL CLIPPERS (JI GAP DOH YUN MOR), which starred Zhou Xun and Lawrence Chou Chun Wai. The 20 minute promotional short film was filled with suspense, comedy and romance. Zhou Xun returned to the throne of the dramatic film queen.

THE MESSAGE, CONFUCIUS, TRUE LEGEND (SO HAK YI).....Zhou Xun last year began to hand in her big screen answers, all were big productions. She also left her specialty of "city smart" image for awhile. In JI GAP DOH YUN MOR, Zhou Xun returned to her acting queen throne. After a series of characters in her performance career she added a monster who only eats nail clippers. Yet this "nail clipper human monster" is not only cute and smart but also shows her loving side. Her life however is only one secret after another. To her, eating nail clipper is the most interesting. Earlier she said that the prop nail clippers were made with carrot and chocolate. Because the nail clipper was very big, it was somewhat difficult to put into her mouth. The director used a very long lens to shoot Zhou Xun eating the nail clipper, which left people amazed and put her in a difficult place.

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