Monday, October 11, 2010


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Dou Xiao, Zhou Dongyu
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Called as the simplest love story, the Zhang Yimou directed film UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE will be released next month. Its two leads Zhou Dongyu and Dou Xiao yesterday attended a music video premiere. When they first saw the music video they were teary eyed. Dongyu said that she was so touched that she wanted to cry, but with so many viewers she could only hold back her tears. In addition the Mainland and Hong Kong versions were different.

On stage, they talked about their Pusan Film Festival experience. Dongyu said that her first appearance was at such a large venue, she was so nervous that her limbs were numb and her face began to cramp up. However she was very happy to meet everyone. Dou Xiao also said, "All the light bulbs flashed until I couldn't see anything. They truly were amazing. In addition attending with Zhang Yimou truly taught me a lot."

Both were new actors. Dongyu said that she thought about whether she could fill what the director asked since she was a blank slate and never thought about such a good chance. However the director told her not to prepare at all so he could shoot her most natural side. Thus she did not read the novel at all. A student at the Beijing Film Academy, Dou Xiao said, "Earlier all I have contact with were homework, when I saw the real team it felt very different. The director was able to bring our performance to their most natural side." The film was known for its pure love. Dongyu also believed that no matter the era, everyone long for and anticipate the purest love. Dongyu said, "I myself am after simple, innocent love that is a perfect as the film." Doug Xiao also felt that as long as he was sincere and not ask about return he was fine. In addition a guy should have a type of sacrificial spirit.

They have visited many different places for the film and their eyes have been wide opened. Dongyu felt that she was busy but happy. Was Dou Xiao's education affected? He said that although he took time off to promote, he was actually in an internship level. As for future work, they honestly said that it remained unknown. Dongyu hoped to continue her education and graduate, hopefully next time she will attend the Beijing Film Academy, but at the same time she will be able to continue to make movies. In addition, were Dou Xiao's classmates that he was able to work with Zhang Yimou on his first film? Dou Xiao said, "They are very happy for me. In addition those who have seen the movie were moved to tears. Some friends asked me to get Director Zhang's autograph and I was able to comply with every request."

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