Thursday, October 28, 2010


Johnson Lee, Spring Roll

Felix Wong Yat Wa, Lai Yiu Cheung
courtesy of

Johnson Lee Si Jit, Spring Roll
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Johnson Lee Si Jit yesterday attended an autograph session for his independent film CITIZEN KING DVD. His friends and SOME DAY (TIN TIN TIN CHING) cast mates Lai Yiu Cheung, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Lee Si Kei and others came to support. Even rumored girlfriend "Spring Roll" Wong Bo Bo and her mother came in support.

Si Jit said that the film was made in 2008 and the DVD release has performed well, in ninth place in a chair store. Thus he honestly said that he will make a second film next year about a foreign female star. The last investment was 100,000, this time the budget will be 4 to 5 million. Si Jit said that he definitely will not invest himself because he will have investors.

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