Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau Tak Wa
courtesy of singtao.com

Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau Tak Wa team up again in FOUNDING OF A PARTY as Yuan Shikai and Cai E. Yesterday they worked on a "discussion meeting" as Yuan Shikai prepared for a Heaven worship ceremony. Co-stars included Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei and others. Fat Gor praised Wa Jai as cool and handsome. After 20 years without working together, Wa Jai honestly said, "Fat Gor's spirit hasn't changed at all, his acting is even better." Fat Gor returned the favor, "Back then when Wa Jai and I worked on GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN), he was an idol. 20 years have passed and he has become a part of the substance school but at the same time remained an idol. I am afraid only Wa Jai can be like this."

Fat Gor appeared in the ceremonial costume and caught the media's eyes as soon as he appeared. How did he feel to play an Emperor? Fat Gor said, "At this time Yuan Shikai was still the President, thus this is the President's Heaven worship ceremony, not the Emperor's." Wa Jai said next to Fat Gor and appeared very humble in front of his training class elder. Wa as Cai E did not respect Yuan Shikai. During the discussion he was playing with crickets.

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