Friday, October 15, 2010


Stephen Shiu Yeuk Yuen

Stephen Shiu Jr. created Freeze, but three years later the group was scattered

Only Sukie Shek remains

Leni Lan Yan would not refuse even more daring performance

Freeze once stated that they would not accept any cheap swimwear show

Freeze received four complaints about their samba look
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Female group Freeze member Carisa Yan Wing-Shan earlier publicly stated that she was too conservative to perform in the nude in her company's category III film. Yesterday her management company One Dollar Production issued a statement to announce her immediate contract termination and even criticized her poor work attitude and discipline. It even would not eliminate the possibility of taking legal action.

Two days ago at and event, Yan Wing-Shan said to the media due to her and her family's conservative values, nude performance would exceed her personal bottom line and thus declined to perform in the new film 3D SEX AND ZEN as her management company requested. The film company had to find Mainland artist Leni Lan Yan to take her place and she thus did not receive a contract renewal. As soon as her comment saw press, she angered the management company.

One Dollar production yesterday issued a statement to strike back at Yan Wing-Shan, stating that her comment was a complete lie. The statement pointed out that Yan Wing-Shan was asked whether she was willing to play a school boy in 3D SEX AND ZEN. The role had no nude scene and her performance would be completely up to her. It had nothing to do with contract renewal. The company even pointed out that Yan Wing-Shan has "always had poor work attitude and discipline". Based on Yan Wing-Shan's irresponsible comment the company decided to terminate her contract immediately and reserved the right to take legal action.

Stephen Shiu Yeuk Yuen immediately posted the statement on his micro blog and received support from his followers.

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