Saturday, October 30, 2010


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International director Ang Lee yesterday was honored as "Dr. Lee" when his alma mater Taiwan Art University presented him with an honorary doctorate degree. Ang Lee said that the return to his school brought back a lot of emotions. "This is my favorite school, the moment that I cherish the most." Graduating 34 years ago from the school, Ang Lee returned to it in the morning, put on a purple and black robe and accepted the degree.

Ang Lee graduated from the school in 1976 and earned his bachelor degree in New York University. His work included PUSHING HAND, WEDDING BANQUET, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, LUST CAUTION, in 2006 with BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN he won the Oscar for Best Director. In his speech he honestly said that he went to the school because he could not get into an university. He followed, "One day I stood on the school stage, the spotlight was on my face just like today. Off stage it was the same as well, a bunch of dark human shadows. I can sense my passion for drama. So I told my father, I don't want to take the test again." Receiving his alma mater's honorary degree, Ang Lee reminded the younger generation that life is a continuous lesson. He said, "I never feel that I have learned enough. We are always adjusting to the condition in front of us, trying to keep up the place. Failure has been my best teacher." He also stated that education is not a process but a goal in life.

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