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Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam earlier worked with Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) in Thailand on the 3D ghost film CHILD's EYE (TUNG NGAN). Although their first day at work was their first meeting, they already had a lot to talk about. "Rainie and I seem to have met too late. We talked about anything and everything, maybe because our personality and preferences are very similar. the only difference is she likes pretty guys and I don't, so we definitely won't fight over a boyfriend!" Recalling the shoot, Elanne revealed, "Once I went out with Rainie and came back very late. The next morning we had a very early morning, so I just went down without any make up and hair tied up in parts. Finally Rainie saw me and said that my pretty girl image in her heart was all gone. She is still laughing about it!" She not only ruined her image but also accidentally gained weight while on location in Thailand. "I don't know why, when I got there I couldn't stop eating. Everyone was telling me to stop and to lose weight. Earlier we went to Venice, the first thing that Rainie said when she saw me was whether I still had the big appetite. It was really embarrassing."

Although she was made fun of, Elanne pointed out that Rainie also had her heart warming side. Earlier on her birthday, this good friend cooked upa surprise for her. "At midnight I got a call, a guy was singing Happy Birthday to me. Actually at the time Rainie and Piggy (Show Luo) were working on a series. She knew I really like Piggy so she asked Piggy to call me and sing the Birthday song to me. I was really touched!" Since Show Luo (Law Chi Cheung) was her idol, did Elanne ask the company for a movie for her to work with him in? She sweetly said, "A pure romance would be the best, it has to shoot on location in Hokkaido. I wouldn't mind paying for my own flight! As for a kiss scene, it would be the director's call!"

Elanne in the film had several buddies. First time in a ghost film Rex Ho Chun Wai pointed out that in CHILD's they could have had more fun. "Because in the film I was captured very early on, so all the screaming was the girls' responsibility. Actually I wanted to try playing a ghost in ghost make up to scare people." Ciwi Lam Si Man said that during the shoot her ghost make up frightened her. "At the time I was wearing white contact lenses. I couldn't see what I looked like after make up. I was really scared after the shoot when I removed the con!"

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