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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu
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Orbis flying hospital for the eye yesterday held an award ceremony on World Vision Day and invited Orbis children ambassador Sandra Ng Kwan Yu to attend. Kwan Yu in April visited India with Orbis and later will visit even more poverty stricken area. Will she bring her daughter along? Kwan Yu pointed out that her daughter has always been spoiled. Now she has been testing her tolerance. Two weeks ago she took her to Yunnan to visit father Peter Chan Ho Sun, who was working together. Perhaps because she had little contact with nature, her daughter was very curious and even fed chickens and observed caterpillars. However after awhile she would whine about going back to the hotel for the air conditioning.

Kwan Yu earlier resigned from the Kam Kwok Leung directed YIT OI DOH. Originally Kam Kwok Leung wanted Carina Lau Ka Ling for the role, but finally Ka Ling turned it down and the role finally went to the "third choice" Joan Chen. Kwan Yu said, "No matter what island it is, the most important is the movie is made!" She pointed out that Joan Chen was also a suitable choice. She and Ka Ling both turned down the role but when attending Sheung Tin Ngor's wedding they were accused to be at odds. Kwan Yu said, "I am better off not going to wedding banquets, I seem to have become the wedding banquet 'jinx'." She honestly said that normally she and Ka Ling would talk on the phone, so naturally they chatted less at the wedding banquet. She also pointed out that that night several teachers and classmates who she has not seen in 20 years appeared. After greeting them the banquet was almost over. Even with Margie Tsang Wa Sin who was sitting next to her she did not even chat once.

Kwan Yu also said that earlier after the Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) wedding banquet she and Jordan Chan Siu Chun were rumored to be at odds. Now she and Ka Ling were accused to be at odds and her film roles were in dispute. She was very helpless. She joked, "I have to ask So Man Fung whether I am not suitable to attend weddings and funerals." She also said that she had to take a look at herself whether she has insulted anyone normally. Yet when she got into trouble without even speaking, she truly had to go home and think about it clearly. In the future she should not be blamed for not attending wedding banquets, at most she will send a bigger gift.

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