Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Theresa Fu Wing

Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau)
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The Agan directed first Asian 3D fantasy film DON QUIXOTE held its premiere two nights ago. Director Agan attended the premiere and shared the production experience. Actress Karena Lam Ka Yun's junior colleagues Theresa Fu Wing and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) also attended and assisted with the film promotion. Other guests included Cissy Wang, Wang Yuanyuan and others. Fu Wing who sang DON's theme song INVINCIBLE (MO DIK) due to her recovering vocal cord yesterday half "lip synch" her performance. On stage he asked the crew to raise the volume of the music. Fu Wing pointed out that her vocal cord has not recovered. The doctor pointed out that she for now could not sing and had to rest for two or three months before complete recovery. Fu Wing said, "Lately I can't sleep constantly. Because I can't record, the pressure is enormous. I can't sing when I perform on the stage. The company told me to 'lip synch', I don't know to pretend to sing so I can only 'half lip synch'." Fu Wing said that earlier she completed her beach volleyball film. She hoped to be able to work on many different characters. As for elder Lam Ka Yun who just gave birth, Fu Wing said, "Ka Yun should rest more, luckily we have Sum Yau in support."

Lau Sum Yau said that lately she put on more pounds and is working on losing weight. She is also preparing for the marathon in February or March. Sum Yau said that lately she has been very busy. She said about Ka Yun becoming a mother, "I too have fantasized about being Mommy, but I never thought about when to get married and have children because the order can't be rearranged. Although I don't have to get married first, I have to have a boyfriend first." As for Lam Ka Yun bravely giving up work for her baby, Sum Yau said, "I don't feel that's daring, maybe at this moment family and baby to Ka Yun are very important."

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