Thursday, October 21, 2010


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This year is the 70th birthday of the martial art superstar Bruce Lee. His biographical film BRUCE LEE, MY BROTHER (LEI SIU LUNG) will also be released nationwide on November 25. The film production was not the slightest sloppy, as Bruce Lee's former home was recreated in accordance to the description of Bruce Lee's siblings Lee Chau Yuen and Robert Lee Chun Fai. When Lee Chun Fai visited the set, he sighed with excitement, "It resembles 90% of my home!"

The construction of Bruce Lee's old home cost over 10 million in order to bring the most realistic Bruce Lee growth highlight to the audience. At the same time the 40s Hong Kong old streets and scenery returned to life again. The film will also explain in detail Bruce Lee and Little Kirin (MC Jin)'s friendship, their frequent trouble making with Skinny (Hanjin Chen) and Lau Nin Kwong (Zhang Yishan) all over the place as they came up with their own banner "Dragon City Four Tigers". MC Jin said that in order to bring to live Little Kirin he had certain pressure, but the stress was much less than Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting)'s. Lee Chi Ting has always admired Bruce Lee. This time before playing his idol he continuously review Bruce Lee's past work. Something that surprised him and was incredible to him was that Bruce Lee did not know how to ride a bicycle until he was 17, which was a small secret of Bruce Lee.

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