Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yao Yao and Fumio Maezono
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The famous comic book OLD MASTER Q (LO FU JI) returns to the big screen again. The animation director Fumio Maezono went from Japan to Taiwan to select Yao Yao to be the voice of the "Bubble" character and even praised her voice as cute. When the director learned that Yao Yao was promoting her record, he brought throat drops from Japan for her and even prepared dolls of Old Master Q and Big Potato for her collection. Yao Yao returned the favor with her latest record.

Yao Yao felt very honored to provide her voice this time and even happily said, "Earlier when Mr. (Joseph) Wong Chak drew me with Old Master Q, he drew me prettier than my actual person!" Among Old Master Q, Big Potato and Mr. Chun, Yao Yao admired a guy like Big Potato the most. She said, "I don't care about how a guy looks, not to mention that Big Potato's look gives people a sense of security!" Yet simple and honest guys are easily taken advantage of. Yao Yao said, "No problem, I can protect him!"

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