Friday, October 1, 2010


Liu Kai Chi

Pakho Chau

Tats Lau Yi Tat, Pakho Chau

Liu Kai Chi
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Liu Kai Chi, Pakho Chau
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Liu Kai Chi, Pakho Chau and Tats Lau Yi Tat yesterday wrapped on the shoot for the film SEUNG HOI OI TAN (SHANGHAI OUTER BUND) in Wanchai. Yesterday Pakho Chau was linked to casino king Stanley Ho's daughter Florinda Ho Chiu Wan. He said that after the reports came out he already contacted Ho Chiu Wan. Was he making his position known to her? He said, "No, it's nothing. (If you are pursuing the casino king's daughter would the pressure be too much?) If only! I don't care who she is, I have rich friends too. I wouldn't stop being her friend because she is rich. (What do you like about Chiu Wan?) Nice, she and her younger sister are both great. They are very kind and very supportive of me."

Yet Pakho Chau said that he was 25 and work should come first. Has he met the casino king? He said, "Not yet, but the Casino King is my idol and also many men's idol. (What do you want to learn from the Casino King?) His professionalism, everything! He is a very successful person."

Uncle Chi's right arm was bandaged. He said that earlier during a stair scene he fell off eight to nine steps because the stairs were uneven and narrow and he was fast. He right arm landed first and broke right away. He had to have an operation that put 5 to 6 screws in his arm. "I didn't work for 15 days, I only return to work today. The arm is 90% healed but needs three weeks for recovery. This is already the third to fourth week after the surgery. The doctor said that the period is critical because dislocation can easily take place." Speaking of the Taiwan Golden Horse Award nominations, Uncle Chi said, "I would be happy if I got in but if not I wouldn't be sad. I am confident and prepare to accept the result."

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