Friday, October 1, 2010


Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam, Shawn Yue Man Lok
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Rainie Yang (right) with a dog
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The Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam) and Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam starred CHILD'S EYE (TUNG NGAN) 3D film will open on the 14th. In it Kong Yeuk Lam even ran into a "female ghost" for the first time on the Thailand set. Because the female ghost looked too frightening, she has been invited to participate in Ocean Park's Halloween event and scare people in CHILD'S EYE haunted house this year.

Kong Yeuk Lam said, "In that scene he saw the female ghost appear at the protest site, but my manager told me to first close my eyes. When I opened my eyes I immediately screamed. The Thai special effect make up truly was amazing, with contact lenses it was very grotesque and horrifying. That night when I got back to the hotel I had a nightmare, as that ghost kept appearing in my mind." The self proclaimed chicken, Yeung Sing Lam did not dare to sleep alone at the hotel. However after making this film, almost everyday she ran into ghosts on the set and thus she became more courageous. She was even able to sleep alone at the hotel, which she considered the reward from making this film. However she did not recommend a scene with ghosts. She said, "In one scene a monster discovered me. At the time I was carrying a dog, I was breathing very carefully and couldn't catch my breath. Luckily that dog was obedient. Whenever the performance got tense it kept its bark in, so our shoot was very smooth; instead in a group scene, director Pang shun suddenly yelled cut. We thought we made a mistake, but actually the dog fell asleep. The director could only give everyone a break and let the dog sleep."

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