Monday, October 11, 2010


Donnie Yen Chi Tan as the Monkey King

Joe Chen Qiao-En as Princess Iron Fan

Peter Ho Yun Tung as Erlang Shen
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Chow Yun Fat
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The 400 million RMB 3D production THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG) earlier officially started production in Beijing and the cast was announced, including Donnie Yen Chi Tan as Sun Wukong the Monkey King, Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing as the Demon Bull King, Peter Ho Yun Tung as the Heavenly Palace's top warrior Erlang Shen, Joe Chen Qian-En as Princess Iron Fan, Monica Mok Siu Kei and Wang Yuanyuan as Rosy Cloud and Colorful Cloud fairies.

Sing Sing's Demon Bull King will break traditions, handsome, stylish and fighting for love. In order for his beloved wife Princess Iron Fan and the 300 year long pregnancy of their son Red Child to be able to return to Heaven, he became an enemy of the Heavenly Palace, incited Sun Wukong to create havoc with him there and finally began a war. Ho Yun Tung said that he was very happy to be a part of the film. Because Fat Gor was his super idol, the chance to work with him was the best present from Heaven. He also looked forward very much to meeting Fat Gor.

He said that when he was little he had many female classmates and he was shorter. At the time after seeing A BETTER TOMORROW (YING HUNG BOON SIK) he began to worship Fat Gor. Sometimes he would wear his father's trench coat and suit with a tooth pick in his mouth to imitate the character. When he learned Fat Gor liked photography he went to study it. Yet in his 11 years in the business he never was lucky enough to meet him. He remembered that once at work he heard Fat Gor was shooting nearby and immediately asked the director for time off. He ran nearly 2 kilometers only to find out it was a false rumor. This time Filmko Entertainment boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung on his eve of his birthday called and invited him to perform. When he learned about the chance to work with Fat Gor, he thought it was a great birthday present. He also said that he oftne worked on fight scenes but did not know any martial art. He hoped to be able to properly learn from Yen Chi Tan and Kwok Fu Sing.

Chen Qiao-En also looked forward to working on this film. She was very excited to be able to work with veterans Fat Gor, Kwok Fu Sing and Yen Chi Tan on her second film. In addition, THE MONKEY KING was filled with top Hollywood talent. The special effect make up supervisor was 300's Shaun Smith, visual effect supervisor was ALICE IN WONDERLAND's
David Ebner, Reuben Langdon who was a part of the AVATAR production. Hollywood workers from THE LORD OF THE RING and KING KONG were responsible for building the special effect set. Soi Cheang Po Shui will direct.

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