Monday, October 11, 2010


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The film CHILD'S EYE (TUNG NGAN) will open October 14. Jo Kuk Cho Lam in the film played a couple with Lam Ka Tung. Siu Kuk played a ghost with special effect make up and the character itself was also very challenging. It was more terrifying than she has imagined. The make up alone took over three hours. She said that after make up she looked like a zombie. After every shot, the director would add sound effects to watch the 3D footage, even she did not dare to watch again.

Siu Kuk in order to play this female ghost made a huge sacrifice. She joked that she had to ask the Pang Brothers for facial mask money. In the film she had to soak in a tub of water, her entire body was covered with a lot of glue. She even had a lot of toilet paper on her entire body for the skin peeling effect. She pointed out that even her face had glue. After two week her skin reached critical mass and even nutrient could not save it. After make up she could only keep applying facial mask as she tried to save as much as she could.

Siu Kuk said that the water on screen was green due to chemicals. In order to stay in the water, she held on with her legs to prevent from floating. She even had to act with her eyes open in the water. She saw micro organism floating in the water and was very scared. The scariest part was the scene took half a day to shoot. Siu Kuk recommended the scene in the end with Rainie Yang (Yeung Sing Lam). Siu Kuk pointed out that the scene was very eerie. Even Oxide Pang Shun told her to watch because she seemed to have become another person, once even suspecting that she was possessed.

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