Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Yesterday Mag Lam Yun Tung began work with "young model" Phoebe Hui Wing and Terence Siufay on the holiday film I LOVE HONG KONG. Mag and Hui Wing appeared in Lolita maid costumes as they played online game women. Siufay played an ad company employee. In the story Mag did not understand how to pose and could not attract photographers. Siufay could not help but show her. Mag at first thought Siufay wanted her to take off her clothes and be sexy, later when she realized that he was teaching her the killer poses and relaxed. In the city she made cute poses. For her first film Mag performed decently and had no bad take. Mag said that she normally would not make young model poses for pictures, even with self pictures. At most she would pose with friends.

Mag thanked the company for giving her a chance to learn. After reading the story she thought it was fresh. Later she will work with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. She said, "Ng Kwan Yu is a great actress. Before working together I felt the pressure, I was very afraid of dragging her down." Because of school, the production had to accommodate to her holiday schedule.

Siufay wore an orange and green costume that was somewhat "effeminate". After arriving on the set he found out that his co-star was Mag.

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