Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yuen Wah, Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na in VAMPIRE WARRIORS (GEUNG SI SUN JIN SI) had many scenes with Yuen Wa, who was after Chau Sau Na and Chin Siu Ho. Chin Siu Ho was no match for Yuen Wah, so Chau Sau Na lent a helping hand. She landed a bear hug from beghind and clamped Yuen Wa tightly with her legs. Finally she rocked Brother Wa dizzy, light on his feet and out of breath while Chau Sau Na injured her neck.

Chau Sau Na in the film had many action scenes, most of which she performed personally. In one scene in an abandoned slaughterhouse she and Chin Siu Ho battled Yuen Wah. Because Chin Wa was no match for Brother Wah, Chau Sau Na attacked Brother Wah from behind with both her arms and legs. As her legs were tightly cramped to Brother Wah, her arms grabbed Brother Wah's corn row head and covered his eyes as if they were wrestling. However with her limited abilities Chau Sau Na finally was thrown to the ground, which unexpectedly injured her neck. Chau Sau Na said, "I was instantly stiff. This scene took many takes and was pretty tough to make. During the rehearsal I was riding on Brother Wah, he kept spinning me, I was out of breath and my legs were numb." Speaking of her squashing Brother Wah with her chest, she laughed and said, "Yes, I was holding him tightly."

When asked about Chau Sau Na's chest crush, Brother Wa said, "Wow, the costume was so thick that I didn't feel anything. I only knew that during this scene I was dizzy because I had to spin around while carrying Chau Sau Na. However some people were envious that I was making a movie with Chau Sau Na."

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