Thursday, October 28, 2010


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The Zhang Yimou directed UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE's leads Dou Xiao and Zhou Dongyu performed an innocent love and touched tens of thousands of viewers; who knew behind the romance Dou Xiao suffered level ten pain? During the shoot for the more intimate scene, the shy Zhou Dongyu would definitely keep her fingers ready to properly greet Dou Xiao so Dou Xiao dared not try anything.

In the chill they deeply embraced in a big coat, which was very romantic. Dou Xiao said, "This was our first more intimate scene. I followed the director's instruction and had to tightly hold Dongyu; but perhaps she was too shy or something, Dongyu often extended her fingers to poke me and keep me away. That really hurt!" Because in the scene Dou Xiao held Zhou Dongyu in a big coat, Zhang Yimou could not see what was happening underneath and kept telling them to embrace tigher. Yet the tighter they embraced, Dou Xiao hurt more. He even had to make a
loving face. "It wasn't easy to complete this scene. I immediately opened up my shirt to see, my chest had two red marks!" Dou Xiao said.

Having never been in love, Zhou Dongyu felt sorry over this. "Actually I wasn't deliberate, I am just a very shy person. I don't know why the fingers were extended."

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