Sunday, October 17, 2010


Zhu Yuchen, Zhang Jingchu
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Director Pang Ho Cheung's first film in the Mainland, 4+1 (4 represents four short films that are titled Four Night Strange Tales, 1 represents a major motion picture that will be released). After the Zhou Xun starred JI GAP DOH YUN MOR (NAIL CLIPPER HUMAN MONSTER), the Shawn Yue Man Lok starred WEDDING WAR (GEIN FUN DAI JOK JIN) and the Stanley Huang (Wong Lap Hung) starred FAKE ACT REAL CREATION (GA HEI JUNG JOK), the fourth, the Leste Chen (Chen Jing Doh) directed WHEN LOVE SPREADS ON MICRO BLOG (OI JOI MEI BOK MAN YIN SI) held its first media visit earlier. Leads Zhang Jingchu and Zhu Yuchen were trapped inside a small superstar storage room. Zhang Jingchu honestly said that making this short film has been very tough because most of it took place at night. In the 100 or so hours of production, Zhu Yuchen only slept for a dozen or so hours. While making this storage room scene, Zhang Jingchu suggested to the director to add a potato chip eating scene. Although the director agreed, when they happily prepared to eat potato chips they realized that the bag was expired.

In the short film, they played a couple who had less and less face to face exchange and interact more through their micro blog. Even when they fought they did so through their micro blog. In real life, Zhang Jingchu stated that she was dead set against doing so because with less face to face opportunities people would overlook a lot of details around them; in addition she would not write about fights on her micro blog because "shame at home cannot be spread outside". Zhu Yuchen stated that off camera he and Zhang Jingchu often exchanged micro blog experience.
Although he liked it very much, he would not put personal matter on the micro blog.

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