Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jiang Wen takes care of Ge You in the water
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LET THE BULLETS FLY will open in December. Jiang Wen directed and starred in the film with Chow Yun Fat, Ge You, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Chen Kun, Hu Jun and others. Playing a swindler in the film, Ge You this time was very lucky. Ge You forced kisses on Bai Bing who only wore a sexy halter top as he even unconsciously made sucking noises. At the same time he and Lau Ka Ling played a couple and even had passionate bed scenes. In one scene Ge You and Jiang Wen told dirty jokes, which made Ka Ling pretend to kick him in the important region.

Ge You was not arrogant at all, instead he was 100% professional as he gave his all in every scene without holding back. Due to the chilly temperature, in one scene in the water he wore plastic wrap inside his costume and soaked for two days in a pool in suburban Beijing. Finally his legs were all wrinkled and peeling as his skin even became irritated. Unfortunately due to technical issues the film was damaged and the scene had to be shot again, Ge You however did not complain at all. Director Jiang Wen attentively prepared a big basket of hot water for him to stand in during the shoot, but the hot water could not repel the bone chill cold. Each time Ge You was soaked throughout and could not be colder. Only when he finally had enough he yelled cut.

That day after reading the script Ge You once wanted to play Chow Yun Fat's character as he wanted to be a domineering villain. Yet director Jiang Wen felt that Ge You who was full of comedic genes was absolutely the choice for the swindler. Indeed he did not disappoint and
brought the character to live. After the months of production, everyone was reluctant to part after the wrap. Ge You even gave Fat Gor a farewell kiss.

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