Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Jill Vidal as Eden's Eve

Sammy, Tats Lau Yi Tat, Jill Vidal, Sharon Chan Man Chi make an odd team
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Jill Vidal (Wai Si)
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Jill Vidal (Wai Si) and Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu temporarily left show business due to their drug possession arrest in Japan, but recently Kwan Chor Yiu has already continued his music career. Jill has also followed suit as yesterday she along with Sammy, Sharon Chan Man Chi and Tats Lau Yi Tat attended the press conference for the gospel film FAN SUN KEI BING (RESURRECTION WONDER SOLDIER) at the Ma Wan Noah's Ark. The cast appeared in costume. Jill who played Eden Doll wore a purple dress and even carried a mini chameleon without any fear.

Jill was very happy about her first film and even said that the title with the term resurrection is in was very similar to her situation, as God gave her her "comeback". Has boss Leon Lai Ming given her a chance for "resurrection"? She said, "Yes, that's why I am very happy. The company assigning me this job was a great blessing." Jill who still had a manager contract with Lai Ming honestly hoped that her relationship with the company would improve. Thus she would like to do well on her own and provide the company with confidence to renew her contract and continue with her music. She said, "Now I don't go out at night, I've been very good!" Earlier she met with Chan Sin Chi, were they discussing the comeback issue? She said that they talked about this film and future work projects. As for her sister Janice Vidal (Wai Lan)'s upcoming concert, Jill said that she would like to go on stage then but was worried that others would put the focus on her. She did not want to steal her sister's thunder, as the concert ultimately belonged to her sister.

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