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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Jiang Luxia
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The Dennis Law Sau Yiu directed new film VAMPIRE WARRIORS (GEUNG SI SUN JIN SI) was not only a vampire film but also had a broke back vampire romance. In the film Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Jiang Luxia played a 100 year old pretty vampire and vampire hunter. Although this romance was not clear cut, but one look and one touch of the face hinted their relationship as extraordinary. In a bed scene, Chau Sau Na had to bite Jiang Luxia on the neck. Finally Chau Sau Na really bit Jiang Luxia's neck and even left teeth marks.

In the story Jiang Luxia asked Chau Sau Na to bite her and turn her into a vampire in order for her to defeat vampire elder Yuen Wah. For realism, Chau Sau Na truly bit. However because she bit too hard, she injured Jiang Luxia's neck and made her scream. Then a small bite mark was found on her neck. Chau Sau Na immediately apologized to Jiang Luxia, but the director was very satisfied with this shot. The crew joked that Jiang Luxia had a "curry chicken" (hickey). At first she did not understand and thought everyone was asking her to eat curry chicken. Later Chau Sau Na explained the meaning to her. Later she joked with Chau Sau Na, "Thank you for treating me to curry chicken."

They also had a bed scene when they exchanged intimate looks. Chau Sau Na pointed out that in the film their relationship was ambiguous, it was also her first same sex romantic scene. She also praised Jiang Luxia as very attentive. Although she looked tough she was very gentle inside. She was even gentler and more feminine than herself. Jiang Luxia joked that in the film she and Chau Sau Na never had any relationship that exceeded friendship but the emotions were complex. She did not resist lesbian friends because she had some. Actually they were no different from ordinary people. Because she always liked short hair she has been mistaken for a lesbian. She said that actually she liked to dress up too. She would not randomly find a boyfriend to dispel homosexual rumors. As for Chau Sau Na trying to achieve fame with her figure, Jiang Luxia said that some in the Mainland knew her. She thought that show business should have different styles. Chau Sau Na was very professional and with her good figure she had no reason to hide it.

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