Friday, October 1, 2010


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The Mainland China representative to compete for the Best Foreign Film Oscar has been unveiled. Zhang Yimou's LOVE UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE did not apply as Feng Xiaogang's AFTERSHOCK successfully grabbed this ticket. Appearing in person in Xian, Oscar voter and famous film star Lisa Lu Yan was very excited and siad that she voted for Feng Xiaogang.

However Feng Xiaogang has said, "I feel AFTERSHOCK is a film that belong with this award's quality. AFTERSHOCK is made for the people of China to watch, even if it goes it won't win." Whether Feng Xiaogang will successfully receive the Oscar nomination, the decision lies in the hands of thousands of voters. Only a few Chinese can vote and Lu Yan is the only lifetime voter. Yesterday she was invited to attend the Daming Palace national heritage park opening in Xian. She said that the Oscar film standard in her mind "must have substance, humanity, able to touch people and for the audience to relate to."

She felt that AFTERSHOCK was such a film. "I still haven't seen this movie at the cinema. I saw it on DVD. At the time I was very shocked, it was too great, very realistic, the shots were touching too. I felt Xu Fan's performance was particularly good. She could even compete for Oscar Best Actress." However, AFTERSHOCK could only compete for Best Foreign Film. Feng Xiaogang's films have always been criticized as commercial and less than artistic. Lu Yan rebutted, "Feng Xiaogang's films artistically deserved a lot of recognition, and their structures
were very strict. If AFTERSHOCK 'applied for the Oscars' my vote would definitely go to Feng Xiaogang."

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