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Jerry Lamb, Michael Tse, Jordan Chan, Ekin Cheng, Chin Kar Lok
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YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) invades the Hong Kong Coliseum stage as "Chan Ho Nam" Dior Cheng Yi Kin led "Chicken" Jordan Chan Siu Chun, "Tai Tin Yee" Michael Tse Tin Wa, "Big Head" Chin Kar Lok and "Pou Pee" Jerry Lam Hiu Fung to three concerts between November 7 and 9. They became good friends when they made the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film series. 20 years later, all five have become family men; early this year Ekin got married, Chin Kar Lok and Chan Siu Chun became fathers in March and July respectively. They in November will fulfilled their wish of a concert reunion, as they will go against tradition and show off their bellies instead of muscles.

They are already excited before the performance as they gathered for the concert promotional poster. They put on tank tops for solo photos and put on leather jackets for the shoot. They also directed each other's poses. Lam Hiu Fung, Siu Chun and Kar Lok shared parenthood tips, while Ekin and Tin Wa discussed diving. They posed for photos as they tried to recall the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS theme song and could not stop singing.

The concert idea came from a Chan Siu Chun joke. At first they wanted to create a show for a reunion, but Siu Chun said that he would not agree unless it was a Hong Kong Coliseum performance. Finally they landed in the Hong Kong Coliseum. The guest segment of the concert gave them the most headache, as they thought the three hour schedule would not be enough. Ekin said, "We wanted to bring back some of the friends who have been in this film series for a reunion. The guest list hasn't been confirmed yet. Earlier at an event I already invited my onscreen girlfriend Shu Qi; the other lover (Gigi) Lai Chi has already retired from performance, but she could still attend the show and have fun with us. I hope to invite (Jason) Chu Wing Tong, (Karen) Mok Man Wai, (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu, (Francis) Ng Chun Yu, (Alex) Man Chi Leung and (Danny) Lee Sau Yin."

Lately male singers would often show off their muscles at their concerts. Kar Lok joked, "Thin and six pack abdominal muscles have been popular for 20 years already, we will go against tradition and show off our bellies." They pretended to lift up their bellies. Siu Chun lately has been keeping his wife company on his maternity leave and grew a little belly. He immediately supported the idea. Ekin joked that Siu Chun after becoming a father has become "Chan Little Kiss" because whenever he was on the phone with his wife Siu Chun had to "kiss" the phone. Kar Lok challenged Ekin to show his belly. Ekin revealed that Kar Lok did not want to lose weight, so he wanted everyone to gain weight.

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