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Pallbearers Karl Maka, John Chiang, Yasuaki Kurata, Chi Kuan-Chun, Tsang Chun Wah, Nat Chan, Tong Kai,

Adam Cheng
Rose Chan

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Mary Jean Reimer breaks down when she sees the coffin leave the hall
Lau Kar Leung's son Lau Wing Keung carries his father's lotus tablet
Lau Man Yi carries her father's photo
Disciple Sin Kwok Lam leads disciples with a Lau banner to open the road
3 filial lions send Master Lau on his final journey
In the hearse, Yung Jing Jing keeps a forced composure with her daughters
John Chiang, his wife Maggie Lee and Nat Chan
Adam Cheng welcomes Jimmy Wang who travels from Taiwan to pay his respect
Dean Shek, Karl Maka, Eric Tsang
Andrew Lau says Master Lau was like a giant
Chin Kar Lok is grateful for Master Lau and pays his respect with his wife Angela Tong
Tong Kai has worked with Master Lau for years.  He attends with his wife Suet Nei
Three filial lions bow to the coffin
Yung Jing Jing is all tears with Master Lau's son Lau Wing Kung 
Chan Sin Chi and Connie Chan show their respect.  Petrina Fung and Wong Hung Sau are present as well
Lau Ka Wing and his son Lau Wing Kin assist with the funeral
Nine major styles sent nine plain lions to show their respect to Master Lau two nights ago.  Yung Jing Jing and Master Lau's disciples displayed their appreciation.
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Grand Master of a generation Master Lau Kar Leung's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) lightly touched the body before the coffin closing and sobbed to bid her late husband farewell reluctantly. Chief disciple Adam Cheng Siu Chau along with fellow disciple Sin Kwok Lam, his disciple Rose Chan Ka Wun waved banners to clear the road and accompanied 3 filial lions that bowed to the hearse to send Master Lau on his final journey.

Around 9AM, funeral committee chair Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Wong Hung Sau, Karl Maka, Dean Shek Tin, Petrina Fung Bo Bo, Mr. and Mrs. John Chiang Dai Wai, Yasuaki Kurata, Mr. and Mrs. Tong Kai, Andrew Lau Wai Kung, Lau Chin Shek, Joe Cheung Tung Cho, Chan Ka Wun, Mr. and Mrs. Chin Kar Lok, Connie Chan Bo Chu and others arrived to pay their respect. A calm Yung Jing Jing often smiled when she chatted with Ng See Yuen and Melvin Wong Kam Sun; around 9:35AM after Eric Tsang Chi Wai bowed at the altar and presented incense gave his condolences to the family and Yung Jing Jing; after around 10 minutes, Master Lau's chief disciple Cheng Siu Chau arrived. He said, "Last night I didn't sleep well, I was missing Master all night."

When the ceremony began, after Yung Jing Jing's speech Master Lau's coffin was moved to the center of the hall. 3 filial lion bowed into the hall, circled the coffin once then again offered the third step kneel nine step kowtow ceremony to the coffin. Then a viewing took place. Yung Jing Jing immediately went up but the hall official urged her to return to the family section and wait. After family and friends went through the viewing, Yung Jing Jing again stood in front of the coffin with her hands together and gave three bows. When she lightly touched the body, sh finally broke down and sobbed. Yung Jing Jing's daughters whose eyes were swollen from crying waited by the coffin and quietly looked at their father for a long time. After the viewing ceremony, guests each held one stick of incense and bowed to Master Lau. The abbot then host the scripture recital, followed by the coffin closing ceremony.

Around 12:40PM, when Master Lau's coffin was transported to the hearse, Master Lau's son with his former wife, Lau Wing Keung, carried a spirit tablet to enter the vehicle. Yung Jing Jing and her daughters followed with Master Lau's photo. The three filial lions that sent Master on his final journey bowed in front of the hearse. Then disciples Sin Kwok Lam, Cheng Siu Chau, disciple's disciple Chan Ka Wun led the disciples in a banner waving as the police opened the road for the departure. Master Lau's remains would temporarily stayed in the Tung Wah Coffin Home, until a lucky day will be selected for a Po Lin Monastery cremation.

The younger generation recalled a lot of memories about Master Lau. Director Lau Wai Keung could not forget about starting as a chore boy and photographer with Master Lau in 1981. His impression of the Master was a giant and a kung fu master. He said, "He was very amazing, whether as an actor or as a stunt coordinator he was very fast. Normally a shoot would increase the speed by one frame for action scenes, but for Master Lau's martial art scenes it had to be slowed by 26 frames. His action was too fast."

Chin Kar Lok said that Master Lau watched him grow up. In his teens he already followed Master Lau as a stuntman and an actor, and he learned alot. He said, "Master was very willing to help others. When he asked me to make DRUNKEN MASTER 2 (JUI KUEN 2), I picked up taking marks, basic foundation, martial art action from him. Thus I have shades of Master on me." Master Lau gave Wong Hung Sau her start. Recalling when she studied martial arts with Master Lau at Shaw, she said, "I fought until I puked, but after he taught me I could make action films. He never yelled at me, but he was very demanding with the moves."

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