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Simon Yam earlier attended an audience appreciation event
Kelly Chen and Tony Leung Ka Fai star in TALES FROM THE DARK
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The Simon Yam Tat Wa directed new film TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH) was screened at the New York Asian Film Festival and the Busan Film Festival. Some after watching TALES FROM THE DARK praised Brother Wa, "if he doesn't act he truly can switch to directing". Faced with mass anticipation, Brother Wa humbly said, "Rookies like us only hope for more opinions and more encouragement from viewers."

During the shoot, Brother Wa was so nervous that he could not sleep. He often thought about camera placements in the garden and shot on location in Tin Lok Lane, where car accidents constantly took place. For work and character, Brother Wa and a child actor spent many days inside a small coffin room. H said that at the time he was exhausted mentally. "I can describe it with the words 'paranoia breeds hidden ghosts'."

Actually earlier when Brother Wa attended an event and played golf in the Mainland he ran into something strange in the hotel. He said, "A big group of people in the same environment took pictures from the same angle, only the photo from the photographer's camera had a 'human head'. After seeing it I was restless. After returning to Hong Kong one day I received a call from the hotel, saying that the room is already taken care of and I could go and play anytime. I asked what happened. Actually they hired a master to look into it and learned that a 'girl' was in the living room. In other words she kept me company for a few nights."

Brother Wa liked to compare supernatural events with a "coin". "It has two sides, depending on how you see it. When the less things are going people's way the more horror they would think of, the opposite is true as well."

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