Monday, July 22, 2013


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Disciples of Master Lau Kar Leung's disciples decorate the hall
The black and white Lau bannres fly gallantly outside the funeral parlor
Lau Kar Leung's photo is from DRUNKEN MONKEY
Mary Jean Reimer supervises the decoration
Sin Kwok Lam points outside to direct lion dance positions
Master Lau Kar Leung's foreign student Mark (left) offers his assistance
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Hung Kuen Grand Master of a generation Lau Kar Leung's funeral services will begin today at the Universal Funeral Parlor, with the funeral taking place the next day. Because the hall decoration was a big deal, it began a day early. Yesterday afternoon, the streets outside th funeral parlor were already filled with black and white "Lau" banners. Widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) yesterday afternoon personally supervised the decoration at the funeral parlor and did not leave until the evening.

Reportedly, the hall will be decorated into a martial art hall. Fabrics were used to cover the hall's ceramic tiles. Yesterday decorations took place behind closed doors inside the hall. To prevent leaks, workers snuck in and out of the doors. Lau Kar Leung's disciple Sin Kwok Lam was taking charge, pointing around and seemingly preparing for the filial lion dance positions. A truck brought a lot of fabrics. Yung Jing Jing posted photos of disciples' disciples decorating the hall. Pink silk fabrics were used to coordinate Master Lau's romantic side.

Lau Kar Leung's photo from DRUNKEN MONKEY was placed in the hall with white flowers around it. The hall was mainly decorated in white, with two giant television screens on the sides to play Master Lau's memorial special. Yung Jing Jing asked that condolence money to be donated to charity and established a Lau Kar Leung charitable fund. The accounting firm will send workers to register condolence money at the venue. The memorial program will have Andy Lau Tak Wa's "Grand Master of A Generation" calligraphy for its cover. Yung Jing Jing wrote about her relationship with Master Lau.

The funeral services will take place at the Universal Hall. Today between 3:30 and 4PM media and public memorial will take place. At 5PM a master monk will begin the prayer service until 6:30PM when memorial for family and friends will start. Tomorrow's funeral will be closed. Reportedly today and tomorrow filial lion dances will take place. Today disciples of Lau Kar Leung's colleagues will perform along with the nine major styles. Disciple Sin Kwok Lam said, "The nine major styles including Hung Kuen, White Crane, Damo Butterfly and Choy Lee Fut. This is a show of respect from friends in the martial art world. I will only be responsible for bringing disciples and their disciples to welcome and bid farewell according to martial art world traditions. I will lead the disciples with Hung Kuen salute to welcome the lions and the masters of the various styles." Tomorrow Sin Kwok Lam will dance the filial lion dance and led disciples to bid farewell with the three step kneel nine step kowtow ceremony and perform a lap around the Universal Funeral Parlor. Adam Cheng Siu Chau will wav the banner to send Lau Kar Leung's coffin to the hearse.

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