Friday, July 26, 2013


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The Chapman To Man Jat, Shawn Yue Man Lok starred film SDU: SEX DUTIES UNIT (FEI FU CHOOK JING) two nights ago opened, with the earlier advanced screening its cumulative box office reached HK$4.1 million. Producer Pang Ho Cheung and the actors have been visiting many cinemas for audience appreciation. So far they have already visited over 50 shows.

Pang Ho Cheung was very happy to learn about the over 4.1 million box office, proving that the general public needs the crazy comedy genre because everyone's lives are filled with pressure. To Man Jat excitedly said, "The credit belongs to all the workers. Hopefully every year we will be able to make such a crazy comedy that truly belongs to Hong Kong people's authentic culture." Yue Man Lok hoped the performance would be good enough for a sequel or even a third film.

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