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Master Lau Kar Leung's disciple Mark, daughter Man Yi, Mary Jean Reimer, and daughter Hung Yi kneel for 1.5 hour
Yung Jing Jing is still emotional but the services give her something to focus on
Yung Jing Jing faithfully presents incense to pray for Master Lau's fast arrival to Paradise
Yung Jing Jing thanks Wong Ha Wai for her help
Adam Cheng will wave the banner as Master Lau's eldest disciple
Over 100 were present at the prayer ceremony
Special handkerchief for the service
Master Lau Kar Leung's Lotus Tablet
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Hung Kuen Grand Master of a generation Lau Kar Leung's funeral services will begin on July 23rd at the Universal Funeral Parlor with the funeral taking place the next day. Because Lau Kar Leung asked that his funeral to be "respectable", widow Mary Jean Reimer (Yung Jing Jing) has been busy with his affairs for days. She wanted the funeral to be dignified yet grand, money was no longer an object as over 100 people were hired. Adam Cheng Siu Chau was Lau Kar Leung's eldest disciple. On the day of the disciple, he would wave the banner to lead the disciples to send their Master to the hearse. Yung Jing Jing since her husband's passing has temporarily stopped working until Master Lau's "Final Seven" would be taken care of. He said that Master Lau's funeral services will follow traditions exactly, without any omission to avoid any regret.

Yung Jing Jing yesterday held a "Fourth Seven" prayer service for Master Lau at the Ling Wan Temple. Over 160 people participated. Aside from the Ling Wan Temple's monks, seven Lamas were also on hand. The scale was even grander than the 3 ceremonies earlier. Yung Jing Jing and daughters Man Yi, Hung Yi as well as Master Lau's foreign disciple Mark knelt for 1.5 hours during the ceremony. When the ceremony ended, Yung Jing Jing needed help from her daughters to be able to stand again. Another disciple Sin Kwok Lam yesterday morning also appeared at the Ling Wan Temple. He had to rush to the rehearsal of the piety lion dance for the day of the funeral, then he left early. Wong Ha Wai also attended the service.

Yung Jing Jing said that this service was particular touching. She had to thank director Teddy Chan tak Sum for his help. "The more people participate in the service, the better it is for Master Lau. I worried that I haven't had enough people. He asked his Buddhism disciple friends for help and hired several Lamas to participate. The Ling Wan Temple monks said that Buddhism originated from the same source and everyone was praying for Master Lau, thus they welcomed the Lamas to participate." Yung Jing Jing said that Master Lau also received Lamas' support in Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing. This was fated.

The funeral hall decoration will begin on Monday and it will be decorated into a martial art hall. Earlier the announced pallbearer included Treasury secretary Tsang Chun Wa, who was a Hung Kuen colleague of Master Lau. The funeral will provide public visitation, Yung Jing Jing earlier has already discussed road blocks with the Hung Hom police district. Crowd control will be handled. On both days of the services piety lion dances will be performed. On the first day masters of the nine major styles will be responsible, and on the funeral day Sin Kwok Lam has arranged for his disciples' disciples to perform. Because the performance involved kneeling to bid farewell, they have been all bruised and scarred from the rehearsals. Cheng Siu Chau will be responsible for waving the banner to send Master Lau Kar Leung to the hearse.

Yung Jing Jing clarified Master Lau's birth date as it was incorrectly listed as September 3 1936 on his identification card. 1937 was the correct year. Master Lau was born in the Year of the Ox on the third of the Lunar September. "A lot of information about Master Lau in the public is incorrect. He and his former wife had one son and four daughters, but many incorrect versions are online." In the obituary, Master Lau's children from his former marriage and his two daughters with Yung Jing Jing, all seven children were listed in detail.

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