Saturday, July 27, 2013


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Eason Chan does his best to blow out 39 candles
Eason Chan cuts his cake with his wife Hilary Tsui
Zhou Xun
Eason Chan, Denise Ho
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Eason Chan Yik Shun last night celebrated his 39th birthday in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Two nights ago after the 19th show of his concert, the crew suddenly gathered backstage, brought out a cake and sang the birthday song to celebrate with Eason, bringing the birthday boy endless joy and surprise.

Eason was nicknamed "blow god", thus everyone prepared 39 trick candles to play a prank on him. He had to keep blowing in 360 degrees before he was able to blow out all the candles. Earlier cam another pile of candles that only burnt brighter when blown, they left a big hole in the cake's white chocolate candy. Eason laughed so hard his belly was aching. Hilary Tsui Ho Ying and their daughter Hong Tai, Eason's parents and others were backstage to celebrate with the birthday boy. Almost 300 fans were outside the Hong Kong Coliseum, waited for him to com out to sang a birthday song to him.

This week, many friends kept appearing in th Hong Kong Coliseum to cheer on Eason, including Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Zhou Xun, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and hr family, Shine and others.

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